Warding Off Dry Skin

Ever since I could remember, I have always suffered from extremely dry skin, which means I have always been on the search for the latest products for relief. Over the years, I have come across some that work hardly at all, while there have been some that have really been truly effective. Before I had found the best remedies for my dry skin, I asked around and was able to hear from friends and colleagues to find out the best ways to keep my skin healthy and moisturized throughout the day.


Of course, dry skin happens when it is not able to retain enough moisture. The tips I have read to relieve dry skin literally have been compiled from everywhere and I have made notes to myself with the ones I deem to be the most effective. For some people, even bathing too often can lead to drier skin, as well as aging, soaps with fragrances, and other medical conditions. For my skin especially, the colder weather is a true detriment to my skin, especially winter air that is dry.


During the colder season in the northern hemisphere, the skin may become rough, raw, red, and itchy. This is primarily because the cold winter leads to low humidity, both inside the house and of course outdoors. The outer layer of the skin, known as the epidermis, is the one that truly reflects the humidity levels around it. Luckily, there are many ways to battle dry winter skin. The following are some of the ways you can keep skin silky smooth and battle the harsher times of the year from the New England states to Hawaii and beyond.


Keep Moisturizing the skin

Picture holding beauty cream


Utilizing skin moisturizers to keep the top layer of the skin cells moisturized is always advisable as it seals and combats dry skin. The best ones have three essential ingredients, which are the main ones. Humectants are the type that attracts moisture and include ceramides, sorbitol, glycerin, lecithin. Other ingredients include silicone, mineral oil, and lanolin that help to seal in the moisture.


Linoleic, lauric acids and linolenic are emollients that smoothen the skin out by filling in spaces between the skin cells. As a general rule of thumb, the greasier and thicker the moisturizer, the more effective it tends to be. The most effective and affordable options include petroleum jelly and mineral oils since they have no water in them and are best used when the skin gets damp from bathing. There are other moisturizers that have oil in them, although in varying proportions. They are typically less greasy and are definitely more appealing than oils or petroleum jelly.


Ways you can combat dry skin


Use a humidifier during the winter, set at around 60%, which is sufficient enough to replace the top layer of skin.

Limit baths and showers to less than one at less than 10 minutes daily.

Minimize the soaps you use if you can and opt for those that have been known over the years to work, such as Basis, Olay, Dove, and those that have been stripped away of deodorants and alcohol-based products


In order to avoid doing further damage to skin, avoid scrub brushes, bath sponges, and also washcloths.

Try Something New

No one loves to cook more than I do, and making up things on the spot is one of my favorite things to do. Crockpot cooking is one of my personal faves and I also have an excellent bread machine on hand that makes it even more delicious to make some great items that allow me to branch out from my comfort zone and then have my friends try out the new foods. Dinner time is never the same for me and my friends and family and I often share recipes whenever I can and collect the best ones to share.


Who doesn’t love a hot meal whenever they can get it and don’t we all have our own favorite foods that we like to have with some frequency? For those that are not the best cooks, there are some secrets that even beginners can use that will make it seem like they have more experience than they actually do.


I personally believe that it’s always important to take risks and try out new things. There are so many benefits to branching out and you can just imagine how much I have learned by just daring to do so. If you really think about it, you always learn more when you think outside the box. So, the issue with trying something new has never been really an issue with me and I am the kind of person that will try anything at least once. Don’t let fear of strange foods keep you away, because you may find something that you appreciate and there are more than a few reasons to consider trying something new. Here are just a few:


Cultural Awakening and Sensitivity

Picture of different food

If you are the type to consider travel, then you cannot ever escape without trying different and interesting foods. Even if there are foods from countries you have never heard of, the recipes can be slightly different from what you are used to abroad. Luckily, whenever I travel, cuisines seem to be able to find me, and this may, in fact, be one of the reasons why I am so drawn to cuisine and food. It is so important to get over your fear of other foods because you don’t think it will ‘agree’ with you. There are some countries where food is considered a gift from a higher power and there are rituals involved that include not only preparation but the disposing and eating of food. By rejecting them, you are insulting not only the process but more of their culture than you may even realize.


Food Unites People

Women happily cooking

Food often leads to friendship, I have learned over time. There have been so many times where I have begun cooking something with a stranger and by the end of the preparation, I have learned not only how to make some new dish, but I have gained a friend. By trying out new foods, you are building bonds that you cannot put a price tag on, and you can do so with both kids and adults. When in Rome, do as the Romans do, and that includes Italy, Japan, Scotland, and every other country as well.