Top 7 Technologies Most People Can’t Live Without

Beginning from the Stone Age to the internet of things, technology has influenced what we eat, where and how we travel to some instances completing controlling our day to day lives. Although some communities such as the Amish are averse to new technology, there are some people who can’t imagine life without technology. The 7 top technologies that most people can’t live without are:

  1. Internet


Without the internet, the world would be a smaller place for each of us. There isn’t any kind of information that cannot be found on the internet. It has also enhanced how we communicate be it through email, social messengers or even dating websites. Furthermore, there are a lot of activities that can be accomplished on the internet such as banking, telecommuting and shopping which have made our lives much easier. To some people the internet has freed them from making unnecessary trips and therefore they spend that time doing something productive or with family members.


  1. Digital cameras


How did people record important moments in the past? I can’t imagine the present world without digital cameras. Designed to fit in almost all electronic accessories most people carry digital cameras with them everywhere. Today you can practically record your daily life with a digital camera and share with your friends instantly. We are creating memories of our lives with evidence something that was alien a few years ago!


  1. Remote control


For some people, if they lost a remote control they won’t even know how to operate any electronics in their homes. Remote controls have created a convenience of just pointing and pressing and wow you’ve changed the channel, switched the TV ON/OFF, muted the sound or increased the volume without moving an inch.


  1. Smartphones


A smart phone with internet connection; what could be better than that? You can watch a movie, check your email, call your mother, shop online, bank online, the list is endless. The smartphone has become a part of our daily lives that some people wouldn’t know what to do if you took their smartphone away.


  1. iPods


When portable CD players premiered, they were really cool; iPods are way cooler. That you can watch movies, TV shows and listen to music on a tiny device with no moving parts is awesome. What’s more, with iPods you can load and watch whatever you want instantly anywhere and anytime you want.


  1. GPS


Want to go someplace new for vacation or safari? You can print the old paper map or type in the address on your turn by turn GPS device. There are some people who will honestly not venture outside their hometowns if they don’t have a GPS device in their cars.


  1. Cable TV


There is no home entertainment without cable or satellite TV. From movies, cartoons to sports, our sitting rooms could be very dull were it not for cable and satellite TV. Although we can get some form of entertainment from smartphones, they can’t compare to watching it on a big HD TV all because of cable TV.


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